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Do-In Academy was founded by Lilian Kluivers, author of several books about Do-In. Lilian teaches a unique style of Do-In, a mind and body practice that originated over 2,000 years ago in Eastern medicine and in Taoist philosophy.

Lilian has years of experience teaching Do-In and passing on the wisdom on lifestyle, nutrition, energy reading, and how to apply exercises to promote self-healing.

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At Do-In Academy you'll learn how to increase your life force energy. This is in line with the philosophy of Eastern medicine. These healing methods were developed centuries ago to be used preventively.

The topics treated by Do-In Academy are similar to the healing techniques that were applied in everyday life in an originally Taoist monastery.

Such as:

  • Physical exercises
  • Spiritual exercises
  • Dietetics
  • Meditation
  • Self Acupressure

"Lilian is my teacher, colleague, and mentor. She feels the energy of the group and knows exactly what my body needs at that moment. She runs her Do-In Academy with precision, vigorous and very knowledgeable. Grateful to be her colleague, but more so to have her as my mentor."

Friedeke Verkleij Veenman, Pilates Principles Pilates Principles Logo 1 Eps

"Lilian inspires me through her deeply embodied knowledge of the training she offers at Do-In Academy, her purity is contagious!"

Matthijs M. van Katwijk, Taoist teacher at Studio Meng Studio Meng

I think the authentic way of transferring knowledge the way Lilian Kluivers does is really very valuable. Without puppet show or
commercial hassle. Teachers like that are worth gold to me!

Marise Bartels, Het leven beweegt je Logo Marise

The information and knowledge transfer by Lilian is really great! The contents of the manual are the same. I really feel that I get the most out of what can be learned in a year. The lessons are full of insights and enriching experiences. I am very happy that I am following this course and see it as a direction for the universe.

Yvonne Alefs, writer & Qigong teacher Homepage Banner Qigong Yvonne Schrijven

"Do-In Academy was one of the best study programs I have attended. Lilian is extremely knowledgeable. But moreover she is a very talented teacher and has the gift to create a classroom atmosphere that is nurturing. Every class made me feel happy, wiser and inspired. I highly recommend this course when you are looking to acquire deeper knowledge of TCM therapies and taoism or when you simply want to improve your health, well-being and path to happiness."

Sabine Poltermann, Tao Wisdom

"I am extremely grateful for all the valuable information and experiences from the lessons and everything we have learned in the 3 years. That is bigger than can be described."

Janine van Schaik, Pit4U Kk Pit4U Logo Def Gr Rgb 002

"Every person is unique, but Lilian is Unique
Do-In Academy has changed me in the most positive sense. Lilian is a specialist in Eastern wisdom."

Willem Ensink, Way of Working Image 2018 10 29 9


Do-In, Tao Yoga for Health and Energy

Do-In, tao yoga for health and energy is the standard reference book on Do-In. It offers in a very accessible way exercises for more balance in the bustle of everyday life. Tis book offers a great variety of exercises, clearly explained and illustrated, that anyone can practice at home.

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The essence of Makkō-Hō and the stretches of Masunaga

What are the differences between the well-known Makkō-Hō series and the stretches of Masunaga? How do they promote your health? Through these series, you'll experience the essence of Do-In: a connection to your life energy. The book includes alternative exercises.

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Journey Along to the Eagle

A children's book in which you go on a journey to the eagle, your own power animal, the mouse or the... Travel along and discover what message the animals have for you. Why not give it a try?
The dream journeys are based on shamanism. "A beautiful and inspiring book that offers children and parents a simple way to open the door to the magical world of shamanism."

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Do-In in Spring free e-book

In Spring, clearing the body of toxins is most important. This book provides an extensive detox program that you can follow in Spring for optimal flow of energy. Including recipes, exercises and video lessons. You will receive this e-book when you sign up for the newsletter.

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